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what we bring to the table

The Media Boat is a B2B-focused agency that helps you outshine your competition, win customers hearts and get measurable results. 

Whether you’re in a growth-stage startup, a group of motivated friends or an established brand, the brand development services give you all the tools you need to attract lifelong customers and build a brand that lasts.

To outshine your competition and win people’s hearts, you need to share a unique & authentic story about who you are and what you’re here to do. And even better: visualize it.


Down below you can find out more about our core business services:

branding, creative graphics, social media & copywriting.

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The Media Boat develops cohesive, market-ready brands, identities and strategies, while executing new design solutions to empower their clients to succeed directly and in their future.


They build brands that are the mentors of things to come, the ones that help anticipate, create, and propel them into the future. Their creative approach is tailored to each client’s goals. They accomplish this by delving into an immersive call or meeting to kick off each new project. They want to empower their clients to develop their vision for the future of their brand and developing a roadmap for how they will get there.

Includes: Brand Naming & Concept, Creation, Logo & Identity, Brand Strategy, Positioning & Websites


new or refreshing yours

Brand Naming & Concept, Creation, Logo & Identity, Brand Strategy, Positioning & Websites

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Social Media

To maximize your online presence, The Media Boat weaves diverse social media services into your marketing strategy. Even if your current social media efforts are falling short of expectations, the Boat got your back. The right social management service will attract, nurture and convert followers into loyal buyers or customers.

The Media Boat creates with passion. They dive into you, your brand & your wishes and will discuss a strategy that suits your wishes. Wether it is graphic design, video or gaining audience, they will get you (back) on track.

Includes: Advice, Social Strategy, Content Creation, Pack Of Posts, Copywriting, Reels, Stories & Video. 

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google.

Social Media

create a difference

Advice, Social Strategy, Content Creation, Pack Of Posts, Copywriting, Reels, Stories & Video

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Creative Graphics

The Media Boat offers a full pack of branding & visual identity services, tailored to international companies, corporate, law firms, local stores & more, demanding the highest standard of design & execution. 

Whether you need an identity or campaign, The Media Boat makes your brand visible, relevant and effective by placing digital creativity at the center of its ecosystem. All that without underestimating the power of traditional, printed media.

Includes: Presentation Decks, Storytelling, Illustration, Packaging, Websites & Posters.

Creative Graphics

digital & print


- If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.”


- If no one hates it, no one really loves it.”


- Digital SOCIAL design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” 


- If it sounds like writing, I WOULD rewrite it.” 

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The Media Boat takes complex stories, products or propositions and boil them down into compelling, simple concepts. Their ideal tone of voice is friendly and conversational, yet confident and convincingly if needed. 

Copywriting that works is about raising your hand & voice and, even more importantly, knowing what needs to be said to connect you to your buying public. The Media Boat is specialized in copywriting that elevates, differentiates and connects your customers to nothing but you.

Besides the most well-known copywriting, The Media Boat also includes scriptwriting in their services. Such as: trailers, infographics, packaging, marketing content, and much more.

Includes: Stories, Press Releases, Columns, Opinions,

Presentations & More.


it's not what you write, but how

Stories, Press Releases, Columns, Opinions, Presentations & More

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