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  • how much do you charge?
    Project prices can vary a lot and are based on several different aspects, such as: • the scope of the project; • on- or offline based; • specific functionalities; • special requirements and wishes. Also the time is considered when estimating the project fee.
  • charge by the hour or project?
    We usually don't charge our work by the hour, but mostly on project basis. When we're putting the proposal together, we roughly calculate the amount of work and a timeline. By doing this, everyone has an overview of the costs from the very first beginning. However, if the scope changes, additional work will be tracked per hour and added to the end project fee.
  • how long does it take to complete a project?
    Depends. Each project is unique and contains its own requirements. During the proposal-phase, an estimated deadline is discussed. This includes your own prefrences in order to meet the deadline. Sometimes life gets messy and there may be postponements or changes in your thoughts. In this case you just inform us timely and we will set a new date.
  • what includes your design fee?
    A design fee includes: • research; • design development; • refinement; • sometimes managing your (social) account. Friendly reminder: our contact is always free. Once we have chatted and we have been clear about all your wishes, we will provide you an outline of the process and an estimated price.
  • other?
    Don't hesitate to send an email to and she'll be happy to provide more information.
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