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Daphne Kroeze is a media expert & illustrator

She explores design, expression & visual languages, 

and works with a variety companies to create strong visual work


Owner Daphne Kroeze started The Media Boat as a small media agency to help people who stood close to her. After two years, she made it into a business agency with clients from all over the world. Daphne is a digital designer from Deventer, one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands. Every weekday she starts with a cold brew 🧊☕ and ends up watching the news from the night before. In between, she leads The Media Boat and spends the majority of her day visiting clients, doing research, designing & yapping about her cooking skills. But mostly, she's focused on getting you & your brand on the market. 

Daphne's career kicked off right after she finished school. After she received her Bachelor of Arts, she became a driven Business Development employee for a law firm in our Dutch capital Amsterdam. But working for such a company wasn’t fulfilling enough for all her creativity. A company where she could combine not only knowledge and marketing, but where she could added her love for design and helping people in need as well. All she needed was new wave to jump into. And just like that, The Media Boat was born.

Her core goal is to help digital brands, companies & small industries to move to the next level and increase their engagement. She is passionate about creating products with a strong visual identity, as well as her team. The Media Boat floats to people who want to see a change, but can’t (or dare to) take the right steps due a bunch of different reasons. They want to take all your reasons down & show you that anything is possible as long as you trust them. By taking the time to listen to you and have contact on a whole personal level, they symbolize a media company that takes care of their customers.


The Media Boat symbolises a diverse & unique company floating with what you desire. From branding to marketing & from design to copywriting, it is hard to put their 'boat' in a box 📦. One thing they all do have in common is that they strive to deliver amazing work. All to make you satisfied.

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